A downloadable game for macOS

A self-running path against ones other-self, gathering coins to colour-up a grey world in which the self is trapped.

The player will run across a procedural generated map during a 1min 60 sec level gap, gathering coins that will be of 3 different types Red, Green and Blue (all “heads” sided). Throughout his path the player will engage with enemies (represented by a ghost form of himself) which he must shoot to move on forward, each enemy will randomly grant “tales” sided coins of one the 3 different types. When the time is up the level ends and the achieved score in coins will be counted in both “heads” and “tales” sides, each coin-type pair (of “head” and “tales”) counts as a full coin. Then the player can buy from a given inventory a map item (e.g. floor-tile, ramp-tile, suspended-platform, block-item etc.) for a determinate amount of Red, Green and Blue Coin. The game ends when all map items are coloured.


EndlessRunner.app.zip 434 MB

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